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IFHaB (Improving Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont)

We have created this new group with the intention of working to help Improve the Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont area.

We already know of a range of groups with specific aims to improve their own areas or areas of specific interest to them.

We want to help build on this by providing resources and assistance from a large pool of supporters, helpers and interested local people and businesses who want to help out.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a pool of knowledge and resources to residents of the 5 electoral wards that make up Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont (FHaB) to help improve their immediate locality or the FHaB area in general.
  • To act as a conduit to assist local groups, charities, resident associations, businesses, the Council and others to share knowledge, events, opportunities and effort on matters that benefit the whole community.
  • To work across FHaB to encourage and promote the improvement and use of our green spaces, to provide and/or promote activities for young and old people alike and to work with official bodies to identify and challenge unacceptable behaviour and promote our neighbourhoods and communities.
  • To actively engage with all parts of our community in FHaB to encourage people to work together, share common goals, and enjoy the mixture of events and activities offered by our diverse community. Fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion and rejecting attitudes and actions which disadvantage any section of that community.
  • To help identify and prioritise the real issues affecting residents across our community in FHaB, by creating a residents Community Forum. Giving residents and localities access to knowledge, advice and possibly support from a wider group. The Community Forum can help to engage and share information with other residents, with Councillors in FHaB and with the wider Council.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Mike Foston
Contact Position
Main Contact
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