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Psychology Behaviour Support Service

One-Eighty is a psychology focused behaviour support service which enables every child and family we work with to live happier and healthier lives. Parents, professionals and schools are able to refer to our service by submitting an online referral form which we will then follow-up with a phone call. This conversation will ensure that the young person’s needs can be met by One-Eighty and confirm whether an intervention would have the desired impact.

The main crux of the service is delivered on a One-to-One basis (One-Eighty professional and young person) which forms a strategically structured provision that seeks to meet the exact needs of the most complex young people (covering ages 4-16). These young people are often either on the brink of complete exclusion, feeling depressed or anxious, and living in an area of deprivation which is affecting their physical and mental health. Other referrals can also fall under the SEN register, have an Autism diagnosis and other learning difficulties (e.g., ADHD, Alcohol Foetal Syndrome). The One-to-One programme seeks to re-integrate these young people into mainstream school classes through providing alternative avenues of engagement and education.

In partnership with the school (currently working in Logic Studio School), professional agencies (e.g., Virtual Colleges for Looked After Children, Social Services, etc.), and other charitable services; One-Eighty will draw on every available resource to assess and then develop the young person’s support programme.

An intervention runs over the course of 7 weeks where the first week is taken to conduct a comprehensive assessment by meeting with the key stakeholders (e.g., parents, foster carers, teachers, social workers, etc.) in the life of the young person. The intervention plan will be completely tailored to each young person and will be shown to the school after the assessment week to highlight the key target areas that will bring about a successful change in their attitude and/or behaviour. As each intervention is tailored towards the young person’s needs, sessions can range from 1-6 hours of contact per week, with One-Eighty demonstrating the more intensiveness the support, the more likely we are able to bring about change in this vulnerable client group.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mark Keep
Contact Position
Team Leader (West London)

Mission We develop successful results orientated behavioural support, and we're creating tools to ensure the sustainability of behavioural change. 

It is about making a personal connection; it is about developing something that works for them, and maybe just them. It is about seeking to support each young person one-by-one: it is innovative and personal community transformation.

Where to go

West Thames College
Room 209, Spring Grove House
London Road
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Other Details


Each intervention is bespoke to the young person's and family's needs which is costed following an initial screening and assessment.


Referral required
Referral Details

To make a referral, please go to our website ( and submit via the referral form or call a member of the team on 0208 326 2213 if you would like to see whether we are the right service for you. 

Other notes

The traffic light system is the organising concept for the initial suitability assessment that we conduct before working with our young people. Ensuring that each young person is receiving the support that is best suited to their specific needs is a key point in our decision-making for either placing the young person in our programmes or in fact suggesting another organisation that is better suited to support those specific needs.

If we find a match between our programmes and expertise, and your young persons’ needs – then there is no one better.