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Help with searching

The search bar lets you search using any combination of category, keywords and location.

  • Category - use this if you know the type of results you want to find
  • by Keywords - type one or more words to describe what you are looking for (e.g. housing)
  • by Location - use this to find results which serve your location.  Try a placename such as Acton, or postcode (TW3 4DN or TW3) etc.

More Advice on Keyword Searching

Typing in a word or a few words into the Keywords box brings you back all entries that contain at least one of the words you have entered.  You can also use special characters to limit your results more closely.

The plus sign (+) before a word means that each of the results must contain that word, so the example search below brings back only records results containing both of the words housing and advice, for example:

+housing +advice

Using double quotes (") around your search words brings back only results that contain those words as an exact phrase, for example:

"badminton club"

Using search filters

Once you have your search results, you may be able to improve them still further by selecting one or more of the search filters. These filters allow you to limit results by a number of different attributes. The more use you make of the filters, the more focussed your results will become.

Sorting your search results

You can change the sort order of your search results using the options that are shown in the section just above your results. Depending on the type of search that you have done, your results can appear in any of the following sort orders:

  • Sorted by relevance (the best match if you have used any search terms)
  • Sorted alphabetically (using the title - A-Z with numbers first)
  • Sorted by distance (if you have done a full postcode search or used you current location)