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Hounslow Council’s new Thriving Communities Strategy (2019-2023) has been launched.

Thriving Communities Strategy (2019 – 2023)

This new strategy describes how the council will work with our residents to develop thriving communities across the Borough supported by a strong voluntary and community sector

This is an integrated strategy bringing together the work of many departments across the council to deliver these four outcomes:

1. There is an active and sustainable voluntary and community sector in Hounslow that meets the needs of our residents.
2. All residents and communities can play a role in shaping the place they live and the services they receive.
3. Our residents have the opportunity to lead independent, healthy lives with the skills, confidence and resources to support each other.
4. Hounslow is a borough where all communities get on well together, people know their neighbours and they feel safe.

The new strategy addresses the challenges we anticipate that individuals, communities and VCSE service providers will face in the 2019-2023 period. With reduced financial resources,  the council will continue to reshape our approach to collaborative working to deliver what the community and the VCSE Sector are telling us they need.